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Reliability Centered Maintenance

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Reliability Centered Maintenance














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Reliability Centered Maintenance

About this title

Complete with a proven process and additional questions, this book expands on the strategies, science and tools necessary to become a successful Reliability Centered Maintenance facilitator or practitioner. Gehris provides a roadmap to help ensure that any Reliability Centered Maintenance analyses are properly conducted and comply with the SAE JA1011 standard for Reliability Centered Maintenance.


1 – The 7 Questions and a Bit of History
2 – Operating Context
3 – Functions
4 – Functional Failures
5 – Failure Modes
6 – Failure Effects
7 – Failure Consequences
8 – Proactive Tasks
9 – Default Actions
10 – Risk Priority Number
11 – RCM Audits
12 – Facilitated Group Versus the Solo Analyst
13 – RCM Training: Ingraining the Science
14 – The Finale
Appendix 1 – The Facilitator’s Bible
Appendix 2 – Failure Modes and Design Maturity
Appendix 3 – Attributes of an RCM Facilitator
Appendix 4 – Decision Diagram
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