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Cat II April 24 – 28 Houston TX

Cat II April 24 – 28 Houston TX


Sold By: EnVibe


ISO 18436-2 Live Instructor Led Vibration Category II Course With Optional Certification April 24 – 28, 2023 Houston TX, 2022. The course is conducted by Alan Friedman. All are welcome to attend. The course is sponsored by EnVibe. You can contact them at classes@EnVibe.com or click here to purchase the course from their website: https://envibe.com/class/cat-ii-vibration-certification-houston-tx-2/ 

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About ISO 18436-2 Certification

The training is four eight hour days with an optional review session and three hour certification exam on day 5. Certification is in accordance with ISO 18436-2

The price includes the course book in PDF format and a certificate of attendance or a certification in PDF format. Printed manuals (3 slides per page slide books, color, double-sided) can be purchased for an additional $200 per manual.

After your purchase you will be asked to fill out a short registration form that will ask you your contact information and work history. You will then be fully registered for the course. You do not need any experience to take this course and exam, however, we highly recommend you take Cat 1 first. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate stating that you passed. If you have 12 months or more of work experience, you will receive a certification. If not, simply let us know when you have 12 months experience and we will send you your certification.

Click the link to purchase this course from EnVibe: https://envibe.com/class/cat-ii-vibration-certification-houston-tx-2/

Please contact classes@EnVibe.com if you prefer to pay with a purchase order or bank transfer.