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Vibration Experts

Cat III Certification

Category 3 Vibration Certification

Category 3 Vibration Analysis with Certification in Accordance with ISO 18436-2 4 Days. Optional 4 hr certification exam on day 5 The category 3 vibration course meets and exceeds requirements…
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Misaligned Sheave

Misaligned Sheave

Diagnosing a misaligned sheave is easy to do with vibration analysis. Note how the sheave moves in the axial direction, one cycle of vibration per rotation of the shaft (1x).…
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Cat 2 Vibe

Cat 2 Vibration Certification

Cat 2 Vibration. The category II vibration course meets or exceeds requirements of ISO 18436-2. It is intended for students who will be involved in the day to day testing…
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Cat 1 logo

Cat 1 Vibration Certification

Cat 1 vibration training and certification on-site or online. ISO 18436-2 Certified Cat 1 Vibration Course. Cat 1 vibe. Get certified now! Click here to Download a Cat 1 Brochure…
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Audit it. Improve it! flyer

Audit it. Improve it! Getting the most from your vibration monitoring program by Alan Friedman. New flyer. Buy it now at the MRO-Zone book store. Is your vibration monitoring program…
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IMC 2014 ReliabilityWEB

IMC 2014 put on by reliabilityWEB.com is coming up next week. Come see Alan Friedman present his workshop at IMC 2014 titled: “10 Reasons why you need to audit your…
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