Uptime Elements Dictionary for Reliability Leaders Asset Managers

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Uptime Elements Dictionary for Reliability Leaders Asset Managers

By Ramesh Gulati – indispensiable for maintenace and reliability professionals

The Uptime Elements Dictionary has been updated to correlate with the revised Uptime Elements Framework recently released. The Dictionary contains the latest definitions of maintenance reliability and asset management terms, including acronyms. It helps standardize definitions and serves as an excellent reference point for all certifications. The material included is the result of feedback from the reliability and asset management community. Creating clarity for the language, words and concepts we use in reliability aligns stakeholders as well as engages and empowers them to join the reliability journey.

About the Author – Ramesh Gulati

Ramesh Gulati, CRL, CMRP, CRE, is an Asset Management and Reliability Specialist at Jacobs – Asset Management Group in Tullahoma, TN. Ramesh is a world-renowned leader in the maintenance, reliability, and asset management field and the author of more than four books, including “Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices.”






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