Alan Friedman Bio 10 Components of a successful program

Alan Friedman

Alan Friedman Bio 10 Components of a successful program Video of Alan Friedman bio regarding machinery vibration analysis, Predictive Maintenance PdM, Condition Based Maintenance CBM, and running a successful condition monitoring program. Alan is the author of Audit It. Improve

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Balancing a rotor using Vibxpert II – video

Rotor balancing video Rotor balancing video from Pruftechnik using Vibxpert II. This short video walks you step by step through a simple rotor balancing procedure. Unbalance is a major root cause of machinery failure. Unbalance forces on bearings and seals

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How a gas turbine works

How a gas turbine works This short video describes how a gas turbine works Thanks to GE for creating this video which also explains a combined cycle power plant. Air is compressed in the turbine compressor stage, causing it to

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Guy breaks glass with voice

girl breaks glass with voice

A guy breaks glass with voice in this video, demonstrating the destructive nature of resonance. Buy it here: Audit it. Improve it! Getting the Most from Your Vibration Program – by Alan Friedman. Resonance is a condition that exists when

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Rotor unbalance

rotor unbalance

Rotor Unbalance Rotor unbalance causes premature damage to  bearings and seals and greatly reduces the mean time between failures (MTBF) of machines. The vibration from rotor unbalance can cause false brinelling in standby machines and can reduce product quality. Vibration

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Orbit plots and centerline diagrams an introduction

Orbit plots and centerline diagrams are used when analyzing vibration in journal bearings using data from proximity probes. The centerline plot shows where the shaft is located in the bearing. It can be used to see if there is misalignment

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Vibration monitoring of gearboxes

Vibration analysis in gearboxes can detect common defects such as gear misalignment, broken gear teeth, backlash and wear. Ferrography or wear particle analysis is also especially useful for detecting gearbox defects at an early stage. The benefit of both vibration

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Vibraciones en rodamientos

Tres maneras para detectar fallas en rodamientos incluyendo analisis de la onda de tiempo, de los espectros de vibracion y del espectro desmodulado.

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Detecting bearing defects using vibration analysis – video

Detecting bearing defects using vibration analysis Alan Friedman describes the detection of bearing defects using vibration analysis from the time waveform, the vibration spectrum and amplitude demodulation.  This video is appropriate for anyone interested in machinery vibration analysis who wants

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