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Vibration Experts

Condition monitoring management:

Not just another tool in the toolbox. Condition monitoring management. Condition monitoring technologies should help you change your processes By Alan Friedman Download the PDF here: Industrial supply magazine spring 2016 Buy my book on Amazon: Audit it Improve it Condition monitoring management: A good tool should change the way you work. In fact, you could…
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future of vibration monitoring

Reliability radio interview with Alan Friedman and Terrence O’Hanlon talking about the future of vibration monitoring, wireless technologies, big data, analytics and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Recorded in April 2016 at the Reliability Conference in Las Vegas. You can listen to the entire interview here: https://soundcloud.com/uptime-1/alan-friedman What do you think the future holds in…
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10 Components of a Successful CM program Part 3

10 Components of  Successful CM Program – Part 3 Right Goals and Right Follow-Up and Review by Alan Friedman Uptime Magazine April / May 2016 Part 3 of this series focuses on setting goals and KPIs for condition monitoring. Download PDF here 10 Components: Maintenance personnel go to work and do their jobs taking measurements…
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right people

Right People-10 Components of a Successful Vibration Program

Part 2 – Right People and Right Leadership Part 2 of this series on the components of a successful vibration program describes the skill sets and attitudes that are most appropriate for those who want to run successful vibration monitoring or condition monitoring (CM) programs. By Alan Friedman. Published in Uptime Magazine Feb – Mar 2016. Download PDF…
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10 componentes de un programa de vibraciones exitoso

10 componentes de un programa de vibraciones exitoso – Alan Friedman Ver articulo aqui gratis free PDF Esta articulo es de Uptime Magazine revisión diciembre/enero 16 Vib Alan Friedman es fundador y CEO de Zenco, un proveedor de auditorías y entrenamiento de programa de vibraciones. Alan tiene más de 24 años de experiencia ayudando a configurar y administrar…
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10 Components of a Successful Vibration Program

Part 1 of 6 – 10 Components of a Successful Vibration Program. 10 Components of a Successful Vibration Program by Alan Friedman from Uptime Magazine Dec 2015. Buy my book Audit it Improve it on Amazon Part 6  http://www.zencovibrations.com/part-6-10-components-successful-condition-monitoring-program/ Part 5  http://www.zencovibrations.com/10-components-part-5-right-understanding-analysis-reporting/ Part 4  http://www.zencovibrations.com/10-components-of-a-successful-vibration-program-part-4/ Part 3  http://www.zencovibrations.com/10-components-successful-cm-program-part-3/ Part 2  http://www.zencovibrations.com/right-people-10-components-of-a-successful-vibration-program/ Part 1  http://www.zencovibrations.com/10-components-of-a-successful-vibration-program/ A…
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girl breaks glass with voice

Guy breaks glass with voice

A guy breaks glass with voice in this video, demonstrating the destructive nature of resonance. Buy it here: Audit it. Improve it! Getting the Most from Your Vibration Program – by Alan Friedman. Resonance is a condition that exists when a forcing frequency excites the natural frequency of a structure. In this case, the Derek’s…
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rotor unbalance

Rotor unbalance

Rotor Unbalance Rotor unbalance causes premature damage to  bearings and seals and greatly reduces the mean time between failures (MTBF) of machines. The vibration from rotor unbalance can cause false brinelling in standby machines and can reduce product quality. Vibration analysis can be used to detect rotor unbalance (or imbalance if you prefer) and most…
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Machine vibration test guide – free download

Download a free vibration test guide here. When setting up or managing a vibration monitoring program or condition monitoring program, it is important to document information about the machine and create a vibration test guide. (Audit it. Improve it! Getting the most from your vibration monitoring program. Buy it here) Here are the important things…
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Log Linear or dB Scales?

Log linear or dB scales? Log linear or dB scales? Which should you use? Log and dB scales better for analyzing vibration velocity spectra. Here’s why: Log or dB scales allow you to see small amplitude peaks in the presence of large amplitude peaks. The small amplitude peaks may be your rolling element bearing defects…
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Audit it. Improve it! flyer

Audit it. Improve it! Getting the most from your vibration monitoring program by Alan Friedman. New flyer. Buy it now at the MRO-Zone book store. Is your vibration monitoring program ISO compliant? Does it conform to industry best practices? Are you getting the benefits you deserve?

10 Reasons why you need to audit your vibration program NOW!

Only 30% of PdM programs are successful. If your is not one of them then it is time to Audit you vibration monitoring program NOW! 10 Reasons why you need to audit your vibration program NOW! By Alan Friedman is now available in the December 2014 issue of Uptime Magazine and on the web. You…
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Orbit plots and centerline diagrams an introduction

Orbit plots and centerline diagrams are used when analyzing vibration in journal bearings using data from proximity probes. The centerline plot shows where the shaft is located in the bearing. It can be used to see if there is misalignment or excessive preload. The centerline diagram can also be used to detect wear in the…
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Vibration monitoring of gearboxes

Vibration analysis in gearboxes can detect common defects such as gear misalignment, broken gear teeth, backlash and wear. Ferrography or wear particle analysis is also especially useful for detecting gearbox defects at an early stage. The benefit of both vibration analysis and wear particle analysis is to detect defects in gearboxes early in order to…
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Me and my book at IMC 2014

Audit it. Improve it! Getting the most from your vibration monitoring program is now available for sale at MC 2014 in Daytona Beach, Florida. The book is now available online here: http://books.mro-zone.com/Audit_It_Improve_It_Getting_the_Most_p/mm9781941872246.htm

IMC 2014 ReliabilityWEB

IMC 2014 put on by reliabilityWEB.com is coming up next week. Come see Alan Friedman present his workshop at IMC 2014 titled: “10 Reasons why you need to audit your vibration monitoring program NOW!” Alan Friedman will be presenting at IMC 2014 on Tuesday December 9th, 2014 from 9 AM- noon. You can find a…
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Vibraciones en rodamientos

Tres maneras para detectar fallas en rodamientos incluyendo analisis de la onda de tiempo, de los espectros de vibracion y del espectro desmodulado.

Detecting bearing defects using vibration analysis – video

Detecting bearing defects using vibration analysis Alan Friedman describes the detection of bearing defects using vibration analysis from the time waveform, the vibration spectrum and amplitude demodulation.  This video is appropriate for anyone interested in machinery vibration analysis who wants to know about detecting bearing defects using vibration analysis. Bearing defects generate pulsations each time…
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Tip: Creating baselines and alarms

Creating baselines and alarms The best alarm limit or baseline is created from data from the machine itself tested under a predetermined set of conditions including a set load, run speed, test setups and test points.  If one keeps test conditions and test procedures constant over time then one can trend data to determine if…
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Tip: Create Case Histories

When using a condition monitoring technology to diagnose faults in machines or other plant assets, it is important to create case histories of each diagnosis, whether it was correct or not. If one uses vibration analysis for example, to detect rolling element bearing wear in a machine, and if this data is trended until a…
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