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Month: April 2018

Vibration Experts

growing up with infrared thermography

Best Infrared Thermography Books

Infrared Thermography Books Best Infrared Thermography Books download FREE PDF eBook Kindle Nook Industrial (IR) Infrared Thermography books CRL Study Books CMRP Study Books Best Maintenance Books Ricky Smith Jack Nicholas   Buy it on Amazon Whether you’re an aspiring infrared thermographer or a long-term professional, Dr. Madding’s forty-plus years of technical and personal experiences…
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Rules of Thumb

Ricky Smith Book Download

Ricky Smith Ricky Smith Keith Mobley Book Download Free PDF eBook Kindle Nook. You can click on any of the book titles on this page to get the books. Ricky Smith was born in Charleston, South Carolina and began his maintenance career working on M551 Sheridan tanks in the US Army. He transitioned from a…
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Alan Friedman

Alan Friedman Bio 10 Components of a successful program

Alan Friedman Bio 10 Components of a successful program Video of Alan Friedman bio regarding machinery vibration analysis, Predictive Maintenance PdM, Condition Based Maintenance CBM, and running a successful condition monitoring program. Alan is the author of Audit It. Improve It! Getting the most from Your Vibration Monitoring Program.            …
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Balancing a rotor using Vibxpert II – video

Rotor balancing video Rotor balancing video from Pruftechnik using Vibxpert II. This short video walks you step by step through a simple rotor balancing procedure. Unbalance is a major root cause of machinery failure. Unbalance forces on bearings and seals can drastically reduce their useful lifetime. In fact, an increase in load of 20% can…
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