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Month: April 2016

Vibration Experts

future of vibration monitoring

Reliability radio interview with Alan Friedman and Terrence O’Hanlon talking about the future of vibration monitoring, wireless technologies, big data, analytics and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Recorded in April 2016 at the Reliability Conference in Las Vegas. You can listen to the entire interview here: https://soundcloud.com/uptime-1/alan-friedman What do you think the future holds in…
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10 Components of a Successful CM program Part 3

10 Components of  Successful CM Program – Part 3 Right Goals and Right Follow-Up and Review by Alan Friedman Uptime Magazine April / May 2016 Part 3 of this series focuses on setting goals and KPIs for condition monitoring. Download PDF here 10 Components: Maintenance personnel go to work and do their jobs taking measurements…
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