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Month: February 2015

Vibration Experts

girl breaks glass with voice

Guy breaks glass with voice

A guy breaks glass with voice in this video, demonstrating the destructive nature of resonance. Buy it here: Audit it. Improve it! Getting the Most from Your Vibration Program – by Alan Friedman. Resonance is a condition that exists when a forcing frequency excites the natural frequency of a structure. In this case, the Derek’s…
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rotor unbalance

Rotor unbalance

Rotor Unbalance Rotor unbalance causes premature damage to  bearings and seals and greatly reduces the mean time between failures (MTBF) of machines. The vibration from rotor unbalance can cause false brinelling in standby machines and can reduce product quality. Vibration analysis can be used to detect rotor unbalance (or imbalance if you prefer) and most…
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Machine vibration test guide – free download

Download a free vibration test guide here. When setting up or managing a vibration monitoring program or condition monitoring program, it is important to document information about the machine and create a vibration test guide. (Audit it. Improve it! Getting the most from your vibration monitoring program. Buy it here) Here are the important things…
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