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Month: December 2014

Vibration Experts

10 Reasons why you need to audit your vibration program NOW!

Only 30% of PdM programs are successful. If your is not one of them then it is time to Audit you vibration monitoring program NOW! 10 Reasons why you need to audit your vibration program NOW! By Alan Friedman is now available in the December 2014 issue of Uptime Magazine and on the web. You…
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Orbit plots and centerline diagrams an introduction

Orbit plots and centerline diagrams are used when analyzing vibration in journal bearings using data from proximity probes. The centerline plot shows where the shaft is located in the bearing. It can be used to see if there is misalignment or excessive preload. The centerline diagram can also be used to detect wear in the…
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Vibration monitoring of gearboxes

Vibration analysis in gearboxes can detect common defects such as gear misalignment, broken gear teeth, backlash and wear. Ferrography or wear particle analysis is also especially useful for detecting gearbox defects at an early stage. The benefit of both vibration analysis and wear particle analysis is to detect defects in gearboxes early in order to…
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Me and my book at IMC 2014

Audit it. Improve it! Getting the most from your vibration monitoring program is now available for sale at MC 2014 in Daytona Beach, Florida. The book is now available online here: http://books.mro-zone.com/Audit_It_Improve_It_Getting_the_Most_p/mm9781941872246.htm