10 rights of asset management

10 rights of asset management download pdf by Ramesh Gulati and Terrence OHanlon ISO 55000 must read book for maintenance and reliability professionals and anyone interested in ISO 55000.















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10 Rights of Asset Management

According to ISO55000, asset management is a coordinated set of activities designed to realize value from assets. This book focuses on doing the right things at a system-asset level in order to create greater value from assets during their life cycle. Implementing the 10 Rights of Asset Management discussed in this book will enable your organization to get more value from your assets and to be compliant with ISO55000.

Ramesh Gulati and Terrence O’Hanlon

About the Author – Ramesh Gulati

Ramesh Gulati, CRL, CMRP, CRE, is an Asset Management and Reliability Specialist at Jacobs – Asset Management Group in Tullahoma, TN. Ramesh is a world-renowned leader in the maintenance, reliability, and asset management field and the author of more than four books, including “Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices.”

10 rights of asset management






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